Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Another Lawn Season is Completed

2017 Lawn care season

Every lawn season is unique and contains a new set of challenges each year.  Some seasons are hot and dry presenting insect issues while others are wet and cool and more prone to disease development.  2017 was no different in its own set of unique conditions it brought to the lawns across northenr Illinois including Antioch, Lake Villa, Lindenhurst, Gurnee and the surrounding areas.  A warm start to the summer was flipped over to a cooler and very wet (including many flooded areas) mid-summer followed by a dry and warmer early fall.  While these conditions are fall within averages for the most part the timing and scheduling of them was quite unique.  With all challenges in mind, Lawn Doctor of Antioch maintained and provided a very consistent return of results with our lawn program this season.

Early summer is normally the beginning of heat and drought stress to the lawn.  The 2017 season was very different however, with lawns looking great through June with extended leaf tissue growth from cool soil temperatures and adequate rains.  July took a turn for the worse but not for usual July heat and drought stress but from flooded retention ponds, lakes, streams and rivers.  While grass is usaully able to cope with short lived flooding, a lot of lawns were under water for a week or more due to the heavy rains in the area.  Most grass that was only covered for a day or two at the peak of water levels did not show any damage however areas that were under water for more than 5 to 7 days were completely destroyed from suffocation.

Flood damaged lawn

Areas that were destroyed by lack of oxygen from the water cover and were replanted by Lawn Doctor all came back and popped due to the sufficient moisture left behind in the soil for weeks after the waters receded.  The higher temperatures of late summer in September did not extend the damage any further for the lawns that were seeded and watered in properly in early September.  Most of these lawns came in better than in previous years due to the saturated soils and sunny conditions that followed.

Power seeded lawn after damage

Although the 2017 season brought many hurtles to the lawn care industry, Lawn Doctor maintained a great lawn service program for most of our customers.  Our 2 spring, 2 summer, and 2 fall application schedule allowed us the neccesary flexibility to adjust fertilizers and rates in order to stay ahead of stresses and changing weed conditions this season.  Please feel free to check out our service reviews online or leave us one at: Lawn Doctor of Antioch Reviews

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